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Wow, what a day!!!   We finally launched last night and I started today with a new facebook page… I just checked it.   I have 65 likes.   So cool!   But what is even cooler is the amount of supporters I now have and the emails I have received from all the people that want to help.   This is going to be so awesome.  I just finished returning 16 emails with my mom’s help.   This is really hard but it is so exciting.  Thank you to everyone!

I also want to give a quick shout out to the awesome Stephanie Heymann of who took the pictures of me that are on my website and FB.  She was so nice and took great pics of me and my entire family!

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My mom is making me crazy with all the stuff she keeps saying I need to do. The list keeps getting bigger and bigger. Today when we were at lunch, she suggested I speak to the head waiter and see if he would help. He said yes but told me I need at least 20 people to help me. I still don’t have a location… This is going to take a long time.

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I went to the Scottsdale farmers market today. I was very nervous but went anyway to look for businesses that would donate the food. Bob McClendon of McClendon Farms was the 1st I spoke to. He was very nice and told me he would be happy to help me. I knew that this was really going to happen at that moment.

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I saw a video that gave me the idea of what I want to do for my Mitzvah Project. It showed a guy turning a homeless shelter into a nice restaurant and surprising all the homeless people. They were shocked, happy, and so thankful. He fed them food they never ate before. His idea was more of a prank…. I want to do it and show the people that other people care for them and give them an awesome meal. I told my mom and dad. They thought it was a great idea but would take too long and didn’t want me to do it. But this would make a lot of people feel really special so I convinced my mom to help me.

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