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Wow!   The night was AMAZING!

When I got there in the AM, I didn’t think it would be possible to all get done.   But when all my volunteers started showing up and everything started coming together, I knew it would happen.   It was better than I could ever imagine.

The homeless men, women and children, loved every minute of it and thanked me over and over again.   Some of them even cried.   It was so special.

Thank you to all my volunteers!!!   I couldn’t have done it without you!


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Wow!  I have worked so hard and am so tired and am so excited.   I can’t wait for tomorrow.   It is going to be amazing!

If you haven’t donated yet, now is the time.   I could really use your help!

Thanks for all the awesome support!!  Ben

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I can’t believe we are finally less than a week away!   I have been working on this F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!

I am on the 10 yard line, with 2 mins left in the 4th and need your support!   I only have $11K on the score board and no time outs left.   Can we score another $14K?   That’s only 2 touchdowns and two PAT’s.   Where are my wide receivers????

Coach is yelling from the sidelines: I need a bakery to donate fancy dessert!

(Please click on Give Now and if you are a bakery, call my mom, ASAP!)



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I keep getting surprised as to how nice and generous people are!!!

When I wrote an email to Posh Party Supplies asking them for help with all the fancy dinnerware, I was simply hoping for a reply and thought they would probably not respond because they are on the east coast and we are here in AZ.   Wow, they surprised me!   They are beyond nice!

Posh is donating 800 plates, 1000 pieces of silverware, more than 600 glasses, and 200 coffee cups of the coolest disposable dinnerware my mom has ever seen.   Check it out these cool black plates!:P4hdpykKEmPN5Do1o1iMe2LgKiXt_Ivtjm6PYK52YgA__42806.1407468171.1280.1280


Without them, this event wouldn’t be as special as it is going to be.   Kal, Rebecca and the entire Posh team is the best!

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I just got a company to donate all the flowers. A huge thank you to  DWF Wholesale!

I was nervous to ask him at first but I did it anyways. Look what happened, I got him to donate.His name is Jim Schack.

My mom and I practiced in the car before asking him. When I gave Mr. Schack my speech about asking for help, he made it easy and said yes. I was so happy because now the homeless women can have fresh, nice flowers to take with them. I am just so happy that Mr. Schack will make their night extra special!    Thank you Mr. Schack!

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Almost two weeks away….  so awesome but sad I haven’t even broke $10,000 yet.   I need to reach out to more people.   Please help spread the word.

Check out my latest article.   I was featured in Mitzvah Market.   so cool!!!

I’m tired.   So much still to do!   I still need dessert for 200 people.   I spoke to a bakery this week but they said no.   Bummer.   I also need fancy plastic plates, silverware and glasses.   If you have any connections or can help me with these things, please let me know.


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Yesterday was a crazy day!   It rained and rained and rained….. and then rained more.    Everywhere was flooded.   Even UMOM!

We need your help now more than ever!   Please make a donation and help me help UMOM put an end to homelessness!!!

Only 21 days away from my event!   I still need Flowers, Dessert and fancy disposable plates, silverware, and glasses.   Please let me know if you can help with those items.   If not, please make a cash donation to UMOM.

Also, if you missed it, I was on the news!!!!   Here is the link: Ben Feeds Back is a Hero

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Never in my wildest dreams did I think my project would get to this extent.  I have had to reach out to so many people and businesses to get support.   This past week I landed a huge one.   I am so excited that PEPSI, yep you read it right, PEPSI is one of my supporters and is going to be providing all the drinks for the event.  HOW COOL!?!?!?!

Tomorrow is going to be awesome, I am going to be on the 5:00 news, Channel 12.   Please watch me!

We are less than a month out, and I still need businesses to supply me with the following:  Dessert, flowers, and prestige wear (fancy disposable plate wear and utensils).  If you know any businesses I should reach out to, please tell me.  I also am no where close to my goal of $25K.   I am sad and disappointed. Please support me and help me reach my goal.   All donations go 100% to UMOM.   They do NOT go to my event.  Please support UMOM!


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I have had an awesome week!

On Wednesday, The Arizona Jewish News did an article on me and my project: 

On Friday, Arizona Foothills Magazine did an article on me and my project as well:

Also on Friday, Channel 12 news came over and interviewed me.   I was extremely nervous but I broke my fear when Megan Thompson showed up.   She was very nice and helpful.   She made me very relaxed.   It is going to be on TV on the 5:00 news on September the 8th.   I can’t wait!

This week I got sponsors for the bread, music, video, photography and some nice treats for the kids.   I even got Pepsi to be a sponsor for the drinks.  How cool!!

I still have tons to do and we are under 30 days.  My mom is helping me keep it all together (and making me a little crazy).   I also want to make my goal of $25K for UMOM.   If you haven’t donated yet, please do!!!

Lastly, today was my birthday.   Feeling really good knowing my project is making a difference.  Thank you to everyone who has written me to help and/or donated.   You are awesome!


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Yesterday I spent 2 hours at UMOM, checking it out and I learned a lot. I had a bunch of mixed feelings, I felt sad and special at the same time. Sad to see the kids with no place to call home, special that I have everything they dream of having.

UMOM does such an amazing job helping to end homelessness, I decided that raising $10,000 for them is not enough. I am upping my game. I always say “go big or go home”.

$25K, I know you can help me get there!

Thank you to all my current supporters and donors. There are many more of you sitting on the sidelines watching. What are you waiting for?

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