Great start to my Birthday!


I have had an awesome week!

On Wednesday, The Arizona Jewish News did an article on me and my project: 

On Friday, Arizona Foothills Magazine did an article on me and my project as well:

Also on Friday, Channel 12 news came over and interviewed me.   I was extremely nervous but I broke my fear when Megan Thompson showed up.   She was very nice and helpful.   She made me very relaxed.   It is going to be on TV on the 5:00 news on September the 8th.   I can’t wait!

This week I got sponsors for the bread, music, video, photography and some nice treats for the kids.   I even got Pepsi to be a sponsor for the drinks.  How cool!!

I still have tons to do and we are under 30 days.  My mom is helping me keep it all together (and making me a little crazy).   I also want to make my goal of $25K for UMOM.   If you haven’t donated yet, please do!!!

Lastly, today was my birthday.   Feeling really good knowing my project is making a difference.  Thank you to everyone who has written me to help and/or donated.   You are awesome!


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