You will never believe who my new supporter is!


Never in my wildest dreams did I think my project would get to this extent.  I have had to reach out to so many people and businesses to get support.   This past week I landed a huge one.   I am so excited that PEPSI, yep you read it right, PEPSI is one of my supporters and is going to be providing all the drinks for the event.  HOW COOL!?!?!?!

Tomorrow is going to be awesome, I am going to be on the 5:00 news, Channel 12.   Please watch me!

We are less than a month out, and I still need businesses to supply me with the following:  Dessert, flowers, and prestige wear (fancy disposable plate wear and utensils).  If you know any businesses I should reach out to, please tell me.  I also am no where close to my goal of $25K.   I am sad and disappointed. Please support me and help me reach my goal.   All donations go 100% to UMOM.   They do NOT go to my event.  Please support UMOM!


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